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2014 Nantong International Contemporary Craft Biennale was Successfully Held

2014 Nantong International Contemporary Craft competition which is organized by World Crafts Council AISBL (WCC),China Arts &Crafts Association (CACA) and Nantong State-owned Real Estate Corporation Ltd. has been officially launched.

2014 Nantong International Craft Biennale is pleased to present the theme on“Past, Today and Future of Arts and Crafts”and sincerely invited the world artists  to participate in the competition.

Our intention is to acknowledge the value of craft which has developed between familiarity and originality in the course of time and space, and to explore its various futures.
With this in mind, the 2014 Nantong International Craft Biennale intents to respond such philosophical questions as “tradition and modern”, “Aesthetics and function” , “Content and Form” and reveal the real level of modern and contemporary arts and crafts.
In order to enhance the effectiveness and increase the impact of exhibition, 2014 Nantong International Contemporary Craft Biennale (“Biennale”) currently held the World Eco-fiber & Textile Art Exhibition (WEFT). More than 20 artists from Malaysia, India, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, China Taiwan and the Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University of China brought hundreds of exhibits to the WEFT exhibition.
Meanwhile, in an effort to lead the trend of the contemporary art and craft culture and encourage inheritance and innovation of the contemporary arts and crafts, the Biennale set a jury and selected 28 top/gold/silver//copper-award-winning works out of 370-plus shortlisted exhibits.
In the end, 18 foreign and 10 Chinese artists won the awards mentioned above. To be specific, the top award was seized by a Chinese artist group, while other awards were grabbed by participants from India, Malaysia, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Jordan, South Korea, the Netherlands, the U.S. , China and China Taiwan, etc. All winners were given a different amount of financial prize.
The Biennale not only provided the craft artists from all over the world with a platform to fulfill their talent and creativity, but also provided the art and craft community with an extremely great opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas and learn how to train new generations of craft artists.
The creation of arts and crafts must keep pace with the times. The choice exhibits of the Biennale provide new concepts and perspectives for development of the contemporary arts and crafts, inform integration of the traditional craftsmanship and the current trend of craft innovation and inspire creativity of craft artists in this process, thus leaving a precious cultural heritage to the later generations.

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