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Nantong City which is located at the north of the Yangtze River Delta is close to the sea and looking over Shanghai, one of the most developed city in china across the Yangtze River. The city has a monsoon climate of medium latitudes and has been honored as "Gate to the Sea and River" and "The First Window on the Yangtze River", which is one of Chinese first coastal cities opening to the world, covering a land area of 8,001 km2 with a population of 7,630,000 people.

 Nantong is also rich in natural resource. The land is fertile, the climate is clement. Water resource is abundant. Main mineral resources such as Iron, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal and Marble have already been detected.

 Scenic Spot:Wolf Hill, Haohe River, Shui Hui Park are the well-know scenics in the city. 

City Flower: Chrysanthemum 

City Tree: Magnolia

 City Spirit: Tolerance and Motivated

Weather:The average temperature in Nantong during October varies from 13℃ to 22℃ .

Time:BeiJing time GMT+8

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