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Online application





  • Application must be made by the deadline indicated on the online registration site
  • After Online Application successfully, participator will get a confirmation number.
  • Total of 6 digital images of the art work [best overview image of the work (1 photo), front view (1 photo), both sides (2 photos), details(2 photos)]
  • Please structure the image file name as follows:
    "confirmation number_artist__category_ title of the work _picture's number.jpg"
    (e.g. W_G0095_sally black_woodwork_dream_01).
  • Digital Image Quality and Form: above 300dpi, jpg image file of at least 2MB
  • In cases when artwork is not to be returned
    Please mark clearly, that you would not like the artwork to be returned on the registration
    form by checking the box "Do not return artwork □ "
    (All artwork not returned will be deemed as 'donations' to the organization)
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