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The competition will be divided into two stages. During the first stage,participants need to accomplish the ONLINE Application form according to the introduction on the website( and provide the electronic pictures and introductions of the entry work.

The second stage, selected works which will be informed after the first stage (actual artwork)need to be sent to the designated address via specified shipping company.

The detailed instructions as below:


Ceramics,Metal craft ,Sculpture(Woodwork or Stonework and ect.),Fibers, Glass,Lacquerware Printing and Dyeing, Embroidery, Textile,Traditional Culture Costumeetc. as well as other 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional works that creatively constructs the contemporary

craft art values of functionality or aesthetics using natural or man-made materials.

Qualifications for entry

-An original piece of work made within the last 3 years which has not yet been exhibited domestically or internationally.

-Size, weight and form needs to be appropriate for indoor display and transportation.

-Art work is subject to disqualification if it is deemed to have been plagiarized from another work.


Individuals or groups (no more than 3 persons per group) of all nationalities and genders are welcome to apply.

Entry Pieces

Up to 2 pieces per person or group

Entry Standard Requirements

Works must not exceed 200cm in width, height and length after installation.

Information on Application

-Period: 15 February ~ 23 June 2014

-Distribution site: Application can be accessed from the website(

Official Languages

Chinese, English

Official Time

Beijing  Time [GMT+8]

Application and Evaluation Results

▸Stage 1> Online Application

-Period: 15 February  ~ 23 June2014

- Method of application: Online via Website

* Application must be made by the deadline indicated on the online registration site

·Online Application  (, get a confirmation number.

·After applied online successfully ,Send Total of 6 digital images of the art work (best overview image of the work (1 photo), front view (1 photo), both sides (2 photos), details (2 photos))to specified email address.At least one photo shows the comparative size of the work with a familiar object.

*Name the pictures as

“confirmation number_artist__category_title of thework _picture’s number.jpg”

(e.g.0095_sally black_woodwork_dream_01).

*Use the confirmation number as the title of the email (e.g. entry 0095).

* Digital Image Quality and Form: above 300dpi, jpg image file of at least 2MB

-Assessment period:2nd~10thJuly2014

-Announcement of Results(first stage):16thJuly2013, Website (Successful applicants will be notified privately)

▸Stage 2> Submission of the actual artwork

-Period:July~September 2014

-Submission of the art work:

·Entry work (should be identical to art in the images), directions for method of display,

and art work condition report.

* Please affix the confirmation number and work image assigned by the Committee on the package holding the art work.

* The art work condition report will be checked by both the shipping company and the Committee.

-Method of submission: Registration in person (10:00~ 17:00) or via shipping (shippingcost to be paid by artist)

-Place for submission:Nantong 1895 culture creative industry park

-Assessment period:September 2014

-Announcement:September 2014, Website(Successful applicants will be notified privately)

*The evaluation schedule is subject to change and panel will consist ofover teninternationalexperts.

*Grand Prize and Gold Award Winners will be invited to the Awards Ceremony on the opening ceremony of 2014 Nantong international crafts biennale,and given a priority status in public relations activities of the artist’s work as well as in upcoming 2014 Nantong International Craft Biennale exhibitions and workshops.

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