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2014 Nantong International Contemporary Craft Biennale 2014 Nantong International Contemporary Craft competition which is organized by WCC AISBL,China Arts & Crafts Association (CACA) and Nantong State-owned Real Estate Corporation Ltd.has been officially launched. October 24, 2014 Nantong China
International Forum: Design of Contemporary Arts and Craft Our intention is to acknowledge the value of craft which has developed between familiarity and originality in the course of time and space, and to explore its various futures.
With this in mind, the forum intents to respond such philosophical questions as "tradition and modern", "Aesthetics and function" , "content and form" and reveal the real level of modern and contemporary arts and crafts.
October 24, 2014 Nantong China
Crafts Demonstrations The contemporary young and dle-aged craftsperson of the five continents will provide the wonderful Crafts Demonstrations during the exhibition. Visitors will get the opportunity to see the distinctive performances from different countries. October 24, 2014 Nantong China
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