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1895 Nantong Cultural and Creative Industry Park is located at TangzhaTown, Nantong. One hundred years ago, court scholar of late Qing Dynasty, Zhang Jian, also an industrialist and educator, led the fashion of modernization to make this area as the first example of city planning and construction in Chinese modern history. Historic heritage of TangzhaTown is the typical evidence of early Chinese national industry since the Westernization Movement.

In 2008,Nantong State-owned Real Estate Corporation Ltd., entrusted by Nantong Municipal People‘s Government officially started the protection project of Tangzha Town . In 2011,Nantong State-owned Real Estate Corporation Ltd. cooperating with Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, redesigned and repaired the Park according to the area planning and architectural quality . Now the Park is filled with a brand new characteristic and distinctive industrial features. This project was awarded Nominated Work of“Design for China”(The 5th National Environment Art Design Exhibition)and the Golden Prize of Ai Jing Award(2012International Landscape Planning Competition).

1895 Nantong Cultural and Creative Industry Park, which is designed as a new world of industrial civilization and fashion ideas, is comprised of functional areas of creative design, innovative workshop, gallery and fresh experience.The Park has successfully held the7thInternational Fiber Art Biennale ,French Impressionist Painting Art Asian Tou Exhibition China Creative Photography Exhibition and etc.

For promoting construction of the Park, enhancing the external cooperation and expanding industrial projects, 1895 Nantong Cultural  Creative Industry Park, collaborating with World Crafts Council AISBL, China Arts and Crafts Association and Academy of Arts &Design, Tsinghua University, will host the 2014 Nantong International Contemporary Craft Biennale. In terms of using the old factory workshop and introducing the cultural industry and auxiliary service facilities, the Park plans to set up the base of creative design industry and artwork auction center in order to promote the brand image and activate the positive interaction between protection and exploiting.

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